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How do I prepare a project for submitting?
You are to upload your documents, and be aware that right after clicking “submit” your project is in the final version and really entering the contest. At this final stage you will not be able to make any more changes. The content you need to prepare in order to participate should consist of: pictures (1 to 5) and/or one video and one attachment (in .PPT, .PDF, .keynote)

How do I submit a project?
You will need to fill out the application form with all required data, upload all the documents you want to attach, and push the button.

Can I submit more than one project at a time?
Unfortunately, you are allowed to submit one project only for his competition, but you may as well participate in any other contest available on the site.

How will my project be evaluated?
Competition has specific jury and written rules. MHMK staff and the brand partners will review all concepts and projects in order to award the one they find the best and with most potential. Thus, make sure to read the rules thoroughly.

What could be possible reasons for my project not being accepted?
First of all, your project need to obey the rules and requirements of the contest. If your project has been rejected, and you would still want to find out what your mistakes were, you can contact our contest manager.

When does my project go actually online?
After submitting your project, MHMK staff and the brand partner will review all of your projects. Please be aware that this takes time, so we advise you to be patient. If you think this process takes too long, you can contact the contest registry, his contact is available in RULE page for this competition.

How do I get notice in case my projects win?
Our competition manager will contact the winners individually. Each winning contest will be flagged on the website with a “winner” icon.