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MHMK's You Create Media-competition came to a close on June 25, 2013. MHMK thanks all participants for joining the competition and for uploading a variety of intriguing, creative and social conscious projects. A Jury selected by MHMK's president Prof. Jürgen Faust will award the scholarships on July 15, 2013. All participants will be informed accordingly and receive all important information via email.

MHMK invited young creatives to develop ideas and projects inspired by "your media scenario" and to win one of the six scholarships, for its English bachelor and master programmes for 2013/2014 in media, communications and design in Munich, Hamburg or Berlin.

The MHMK, with 2,000 students and around 80 permanent professorships in the cities of Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin, makes it Germany's leading private university for media and communication.

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Categories: University for Media and Communication, MA in Media and Communication Management,

Selected for: Scholarships 2012-13, MA in Media and Communication Management, School of University for Media and Communication, MHMK Munich

Project presentation: ElpopoENbrifing.pdf

El “Popo” is short for Popocatepetl, the name of a volcano just in the middle of Mexico.

This volcano has been witness of a great deal o history, it is the guardian of many ancient secrets it has been adored as a deity, provider of many natural resources and the inspiration of many artists.

Since 1994 it is active and now it is forbidden to climb to the top. We can only get the full idea of it on the distance, on the horizon, but lately we only think of the volcano in terms of potential natural disaster.

When did we lose our relationship with these great landscapes? What happened?
How do we relate to this natural, cultural, economical and social heritage now days?

This project is a transmedia documentary that will try to approach the audience to the different secrets that the volcano still hides. It is about a personal quest, but also about learning about the biggest most powerful force in these valleys, it is about the people who live there, but also about the ones that where here before us.

Through different platforms and forms of participation, EL POPO will try to awake the lost bond between human and land, in the attempt of creating a community less driven by fear towards the volcano and nature, and more respectful to it.

Feel free to watch the video or explore a little bit more about the project at our presentation.
More on the film here:

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